Civil Wars at Pontefract Castle
Civil War 2

Civil Wars at Pontefract Castle

During the Civil War, Pontefract Castle was the site of no less than three bitter sieges. At the start of the second war, John Morris, and a few of his supporters, snuck into the castle by pretending to bring in beds for the garrison. These Royalists then held the castle for 9 months. However when the King was executed, they had to surrender, and Morris was executed for treason.

This weekend, step back in time to the bloody 17th century, and find out what life was like during that turbulent, tumultuous time: brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour - and a castle under attack!

Our historic re-enactors will bring the experience of being besieged vividly to life. Be amazed by their explosive gun displays, and marvel at the mighty siege engines.

Think you'd make a fine Civil War soldier? Then you and your family can put yourselves to the test with our climbing wall - will you make it to the top?

This event is FREE, and there is no need to book. Just come along and join in the fun!

Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 June
11am - 4pm

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