Tarek Atoui
Tarek Atoui

Yorkshire Sculpture International presents Tarek Atoui's Shuffle Orchestra

Tarek Atoui is a Lebanese artist and composer who works primarily in sound. For Yorkshire Sculpture International Atoui will continue his exploration of the material properties of sound, its connection to the body of both the performer and the audience, and his interest in the invention of new instruments and instrument-making.

Tarek Atoui has invited musicians from across the world who will play alongside a number of local people trained to use the instruments. The performance will showcase a unique composition created specifically for Yorkshire Sculpture International.

This performance, the finale of Tarek Atoui's commission, will bring together his whole orchestra of instruments in the historic backdrop of Pontefract Castle.

Atoui will reimagine the Castle's ruins, inviting all of those who have participate in his work over the summer, and presenting his final and biggest Shuffle Orchestra.

Saturday 7th September
6pm - 8pm
Free entry
Book via: http://bit.ly/31qu6l8

Tarek Atoui